Tuxedo Social Club

The room you've always wanted at home

The room you've always wanted to have at home



Tuxedo Social Club aims to be that place where you can escape  your daily routine. It is that room you have always wanted in your house, to read a good novel, enjoy a good cocktail and meet  someone with whom you can either spend a few seconds or an entire lifetime.

"Because Modern cocktail is the poetry of alcohol. It is like a flower's subtle perfume... Is the essence of a vibration as well as a delightful sensation. The fine cristal of the cocktail's glass allows you to flavour harsh life in a more pleasant way. The most beautiful landscape. Pain becomes less strong. Love becomes sweeter and more tender."

Bar la Florida, 1935


HOUSE Rules...

  • We are a reading club.
  • Tuxedo is a Membership Club, being a member is required.
  • A valid ID document is compulsory.
  •  Phone calls are not allowed.   
    (use WhatsApp like everyone else)
  • Taking pictures inside the club is prohibited.
    (you can use the photocall at the entrance)
  • Smoking is not allowed.
    (try nicotine patches or hypnosis)
  • Any drug or illegal substance comsumption is forbidden.
    (Of course)
  • Impoliteness is not permited; use of rude language or addressing in an improper manner any members of the club.
    (that would result in immediate expulsion from the club)
  • Standing in front of the door of the club is also not permited.
    (we are surrounded by neighbours and we are also neighbours, we shall respect everyone's rest)
  • In order to avoid misunderstandings we do not position ourselves politically or religiously.
  • Cash only.
  • An Oldfashioned a day keeps the doctor away!