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The room you've always wanted at home

The room you've always wanted to have at home


Nuestros Especiales


Tuxedo cocktail recipe was firstly published in Harry Johnson "Bartenders Manual" recipe book in 1882; it is about an aperitif cocktail based of gin, which could be comprehended as a previous step to the Modern dry Martini, more gentle, kinder in taste, elegant, sophisticated and delicate.









We infuse botanical herbs tested in a neutral gin in order to give a different will to tell a different story due to the wide variety of readers. 



"To make punch of any sort in perfection, the ambrosial essence of the lemon must be extracted by rubbing lumps of sugar on the rind, which breaks the delicate little vessels that contain the essence, and at the same time absorbs it. This and making the mixture sweet and strong, using tea instead of water, and thoroughly amalgamating all the compounds, so that the taste of neither the bitter, the sweet, the spirit, nor the element, shall be perceptible one over the other, is the grand secret, only to be acquired by practice. [...] The precise portions of spirit and water, or even of the acidity and sweetness, can have no general rule, as scarcely two persons make punch alike."

Jerry Thomas' How to Mix Drinks or The Bon-Vivants Companion


IN VINO Veritas

Sometimes one may feel for wine, please feel free to ask for our available varieties of the day, it should in turn be clear only bottles will be served.



If what you feel for is a beer, we look for different types of beers, either craft or brewed beer, but that they catch our attention, anyone that may have something to tell us...